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-Our monthly Newsletter-

Just a note the the MCTTA newsletter is usually for members only, but since this is the first issue I thought I would be nice and let all of youse see it! But this is once and only! If you want to subscribe to our monthly newsletter, then email me, and become a member now! 

MCTTA Monthy Newsletter Issue 1, May 2005 Greetings, fellow life forms, and welcome to this humble asoociation. Again, I must congratulate you on making the choice of surrendering you planet *ahem* I mean saving the tomatoes. (I am extremely sorry, but the backspace key on my keyboard has gone dead, also, typing with three fingers is profoundly difficult.) This month, we have some new followers *ahem* uhh... I mean members (curse this fifth-hand keyboard!). -Racheal Wood - Laehcar Doow -Raul Harris - Luap Sirrah -Sarah Wong - Haras Gnow -Rachel Southgate - Lehcar Etaghtuos -"Aquanox1" - 1xonauqa A collossal welcome to these wise beings, who join our three original members: Sarah Harris - Haras Sirrah Stacey Wellington - Yecats Notgnillew Serena Chen - Aneres Nehc Recent acts of tomato saving: --Yecats Notgnillew, Haras Sirrah, and Aneres Nehc has communicated with beings of planet Earth, and have started to form a group to go against creulty to tomatoes. They have also started creating the official MCTTA webpage. --An email was sent to the national children's programme of New Zealand - "Studio2", addressing the problems of cruelty to tomatoes on Earth. No response has been recieved of yet. --"Eddie", the baby Red Cherry Tomato, has been kindly looked after for a short period of time when he was abandoned by the rest of his tomato family. Sadly, he did not survive in the hard world of the intermediate that his helpers had lived among. He passed away on the 14th of April this year and was kindly buried by the small tree by Endeavour block. More on this tearful story in the upcoming magazine - "The Tomato - a story." [pg6 - 'The Life of Eddie and Me'] Comments on tomatoes and MCTTA - made by members of MCTTA: Laehcar Doow - "I don't like tomatoes; I enjoy their company." Haras Sirrah - "I've saved one in my lunchbox, then set it free." Aneres Nehc - "Tomatoes are wondrous creatures that many humans take for granted. If they [the humans] continue murdering and feasting on this innocent and harmless being, then it may become extinct. Then that's when the universe will begin to fall." Happy tomato saving! Have fun and good luck! MCTTA

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